Fasque Forestry is equipped to manage all aspects of the forestry management process from designing a forestry plan to felling and replanting. Our team will also re-install roads and infrastructure to facilitate delivery of timber. We invest in machinery and believe in using the best available. This will give live updates from our harvesters and forwarders allowing clients to access data and analyze productivity quickly and easily. 

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Award-winning Rural Business 2020

Fasque Forestry and the team are proud winners of the Rural Business Award in the Scottish Land and Estates Helping it Happen Awards, the winners for which were announced on the 30th of September 2020.

The judging panel said of Fasque Forestry, "for their innovative, holistic and diversified approach which has resulted in job creation and further ambition for growth." 

Find out more about the 2020 Helping it Happen Awards.

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The Estate has invested in the newest John Deere harvesters and forwarders which can cut and stack 1,500 tonnes of wood per day. 

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The harvester computer sends the information on work rate, yield and percentage saw/chip to the virtual cloud showing you what product is available to sell at a glance.

Fasque Forestry is also able to use geolocation and AI to analyse the volume of wood on a project.

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Once the timber is removed then any repairs to the road system will be made by our own equipment. All aspects of forestry management are carried out by us removing any third parties, leaving you in more control.


Our HGVs will transport logs to any location.


We re-stock felled woodlands after clearing.

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