Autumn is officially here

As I sit here, writing this blog, the rain is currently battering off the roof and the thought of going outside is, well, a thought.

This past weekend has truly been a horrible one with the weather deciding it wanted to be monsoon season in Aberdeenshire (probably everywhere else as well). The mornings are dark, the evenings are dark and everything is muddy. The amount of water that has downpoured over the last 48hrs has caused a fair bit of devastation to roads and fields. In true Scots style though, we carry on!

There is a bright side though! Look what Fasque Forestry won!

Yes, Fasque Forestry is the 2020 Helping it Happen Rural Business award winners. This accolade means so much to us as a company as it shows that we are being recognised for our work and our commitment to the environment.

Our entry paragraph is this if you want a nosey. Sponsored by Velux... I wonder if we win a window?!

Read more about all the finalists at Scottish Land & Estates here.

Read more about all the winners at Scottish Land & Estates here.

What else has been happening?

Christie-Elite are very busy just now, seed collecting, doing stock-takes and updating the order system. The growing season is nearly over and once the stock-take is completed, we will know how many trees we have left to sell. This year has been a bit of a whirlwind with COVID-19 so we don't have as many trees as we should have to sell. We will do all we can to ensure that all our trees are sold to good homes to become nice, big strong trees when they grow up.

Natural Eco Spas are doing very well. We have sold quite a few spas in the last few months and we are so happy to see our customers enjoying them. Back to nature relaxing in a Scottish Larch Spa with a glass of wine in hand.. well that sounds lovely, doesn't it! Yes!

We installed a spa at Balbegno Castle for the self-catering guests to enjoy whilst staying at the castle. I think it looks the part!

The sawmill is so so busy, wood is flying out the door (not literally.. I hope) and we are full to capacity with orders, so that is fantastic. Harvesting our own wood with our own machinery, to take to our own sawmill with our own lorries, to make our own larch spas to then replant more trees to help the world go round... environmentally friendly, we think so! Carbon negative, most definetly.

So, for this unsure year with "Rona" scuppering everyones plans and making life really important, I don't think Fasque as a company has done that bad! Until next time, keep your chin up and go hug some trees. Leah @ Fasque

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